Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today I went snowboarding for my very first time. I was super nervous and wasn't sure that I even wanted to do it, but I did it because not only did Derek's family buy me all of the gear, but I know how much it would mean to Derek if we could do something athletic together. After falling on my butt a lot and getting snow down my pants, and falling getting off of the ski lift, I have decided that it was totally worth it! I think that I am a boarder for life!

I ended up staying the night at Derek's house and getting up early so that we could beat the crowds. We headed up to Brighton and I started my class at 10:15, with Igor, the snowboard instructor. Igor was pretty cool, he is from Brazil and has been an instructor for a few years. We started off learning how to do the basics, like putting our feet in our bindings and doing the 1 foot in the binding and one foot out thing. We went down this little hill like that, and I honestly couldn't do it! I was getting really frustrated and nervous because the next step was heading up the ski lift. I am a wimp when it comes to riding the tram thingy at Lagoon, so I was pretty scared going up in it, luckily I was the odd person so I went with Igor. When getting off, I totally ate it! I was able to get up quickly though and get out of the way, which was a relief! My first time down was pretty scary and frustrating, I pretty much ended up going down on my butt the whole time!

After lunch we all headed back up to the bunny slope and Derek ended up giving me great tips and encouragement, which meant a lot, because I wasn't feeling very confident in my new abilities! I told Kevin and Cheryl that they could do their own thing because I felt like I was cramping their style, and after that I started doing pretty well. I fell really hard near the bottom and I bruised my butt really hard! After a few more times going down I started to get the hang of it and crashed a lot less and not nearly as hard!

It was a wonderful day and a wonderful experience. I can't wait to head up the mountain again once I heal! Below are some pictures that Kevin took for me.

Before my Class

Getting ready to fall

Doing pretty well, but I fell right after that!

Yep, I fell, but I had a great time doing it!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My B-day

So, it has been about a month since I last posted anything. A lot has happened, and school has been keeping me pretty busy, so hopefully I can keep posting at least once a month!

My birthday was great. I got a lot of cool clothes, as well as a snowboard, boots, bindings, pants, helmet, goggles, gloves, and lessons from Derek and his family and my family. I am excited to learn how to do it, I'm nervous that I won't be very good at it (I have terrible balance on flat ground, let alone in the snow), but Derek says that he will help me out as much as he can.

I also received a basketball case to place my personalized Paul Millsap autographed basketball in, as well as a D-Will jersey. Since I am a HUGE Jazz fan, it made me super happy!

My Birthday was awesome and it was great going out to my new favorite restaurant called the Green Papaya and spending time with family.

School has been pretty chaotic this semester, all of my tests are pretty much at the same time, and all of my papers are due at the same time, so needless to say, I have been a bookworm! I do have a favorite class, it is my Science Methods class. We are learning fun ways to teach science to our students and to broaden the thinking. We get to do fun science experiments and come up with one for a science fair.

One bad thing has happened. My wonderful digital camera got stolen from me. I think it got stolen at the Gallivan Trax stop, but it could have happend up here at school. It really sucks, I had awesome pictures on that camera.

Other than my camera getting stolen, it has been a great month!