Thursday, December 11, 2008

How we Met

I am sitting here in the library up at the U and I read someone's blog where they tell how they met their spouse. Granted, I am not married yet, but I think dating Derek for as long as I have pretty much makes him my spouse! So here is my side of the story of how we met:

I met Derek during fall semester of our senior year in high school. I had just broken up with my ex and I was really depressed and so I had changed my schedule around so that I could be Mrs. Duncan'[s T.A. for her Lit. through Movies class. I also had signed up for Mrs. Neilson's Food's Class, just because it sounded like fun. It was in Mrs. Duncan's class where Derek and I were introduced by a guy named Billy Yang. I instantly thought that he was super cute. He had spikey blonde highlighted hair and wore a leather jacket and had the most gorgeous eyes and smile that I had ever seen. I instantly had a crush and in food's class I started flirting with him and stuff. I probably looked like nerd, but I didn't really care! One of my favorite moments was in food's and Mrs. Neilson had Derek and another guy transfer crisco from a box to a bucket and Derek thought that it would be funny to try to get some of it on me. He also tried to throw me into the garbage can's in the locker banks. But my absolute most favorite thing was that he stood up for me when someone was being a jerk. It was at that moment that I really wanted to date the guy.

I waited for Derek to ask me out, but he didn't, so I took the initiative and asked him to the Sweethearts Dance. I have to admit that the date kind of sucked. My friend was having troubles with her boyfriend and spent the time crying in the bathroom. So we didn't really even dance or hang out or anything, it was kind of lame. Luckily, Derek asked me to Prom a month later and we had a great time, and I think our first kiss was when we were at the after activity at a Gymnastics gym in one of the foam pits.

Derek is a wonderful guy and has stood by me in good times and bad, and I love him and appreciate him more and more each day and I can't wait until the day that we are married and will spend the rest of our lives together.

(The picture is of me and Derek in 2006 when I took him to see Pearl Jam in Vegas for his 1/2 Birthday.)